Welcome to the MQ

The Mentality test measures the pattern of your automatic thinking. Your "Automatic Thinking" defines whether you interpret your life experiences in optimistic or pessimistic way, and it is responsible for the quality of your energy and activity level, hope, endurance and health.

In the test, there are 36 different life situations. After each situation you will find two statements at both ends of the dotted line. Try to imagine as vividly as you can, that this situation is happening to you right now. Concentrate on your first spontaneous thought and feelings when defining your answer. Choose the radio button that expresses your best thinking pattern in a similar situation. It could happen that you feel both statements to be true. In such cases choose the one that first comes into your mind.

  • If one of the statement matched your own reaction 100%,  then click the botton right beside the statement!
  • If your answer were to change time to time depending on the context, then click the botton that best expresses the pattern of your thinking!
  • If the situation never happened to you before, then try to imagine that you are in the situation and choose your answer accordingly.

Thank you!


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